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La Rêverie

Alma de cuerda, de La Rêverie: Juan Manuel Rubio y Esteban Canyar
in the mountains of Sierra Nevada

La Rêverie

How to define La Rêverie? Well, I do not know ... and I even think that at the present time -so fond of labels, the famous "tags"-, it is better not to do it. But what else can I do, there have always been musicians moving outside current trends, and besides, if the music is great it is precisely because of its diversity.

It began as a result of friendship. Between concerts we went to the mountains, to relax and enjoy nature. In the evenings we caught the instruments and played anything we liked, without a prior plan. Satie sounded especially good in that solitude. And Debussy, and Grieg, and Garcia Lorca ... To each one of these great classical pieces we added something personal and here it was: the album, and the ensemble, had been conceived by themselves.

After having been selected to be part of the Magnatune catalog, we have new and interesting projects going round in our heads. Make a visit to the troubadours of southern France, for example, paint them with colors and new harmonies. Enough of boring versions, with the inevitable harp and the dull and rigid singing.

For the moment, our first work is called "Soul of String", Spanish guitar, Arabic oud and Turkish santur, and it is available in full here on this website.

Esteban Canyar


cd Alma de cuerda Soul of String, by La Rêverie: disk, cover, booklet, reverse

cd Alma de cuerda Soul of String, by La Rêverie: disk, cover, booklet, backcover


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